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-the brothers creeggan
Fondly Yours
Come catch me if you can
Come catch me if you can
I'm fondly yours
Come sit and be still
And tell me what you will
I'm fondly yours... for now

The price is too high
The prices are too high in this shopping mall
If you were to buy a figurine, would it dance
in circles by you just like me... like this...

When we go our separate ways
after we go on our way
I'll meet you at the court
the crowded court

Oh, let's not stay... I'm really not the sort
the shopping sort

I'm fondly yours
I'm fondly yours... for now

jim: lead vocal, double bass, viola, claps
andy: back-up vocal, piano,
accordian, kalimba, claps,
clave, sandblock extra snare
ian: drums

bit'o'info (from
"Fondly Yours is my attempt at a song for the sound track Breakfast at Tiffanies. It's comprised of little snapshots from a shopping mall romance. of course the Mall I see in my minds eye is none other than the grandios Scarborough Town Center. "