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-the brothers creeggan
Goin' to the Forest
Goin to the forest
where the bears bit best
Mosquitoes infest
with the birds I'll nest

Past the wood pile
I walked for a good long while
You laughed cause I'm just a child
the bears will teach me the wild

Just then somethin shook my knees
Faster than my eyes did sees
I saw about a million bees
swarming round the trunks of trees

I don't mind you called the cops
I was waiting where the campground stops
Sleeping bag on the wood chops
Letting this journey flop

"I'm sorry mom," that's what I told her
after filling out the police folder
Maybe it was a chip on my shoulder
The forest will wait til I get older

jim: lead vocal, double bass, viola,
laughs, sounds & whacks
andy: back-up vocal, cajon, brushes on pandeiro,
birds, cuica, sounds & whacks
ian: back-up vocal
tom allen: trombone
colleen hixenbaugh: laughs and camera

bit'o'info (from
"Going To The Forest is the account of when I ran away from my family at a campground in Manitoba. We were on a family trip across the country in a tent trailer. I got alittle antsy and felt the alure of the forest, so I decided to make a break for it. However the romance didn't go very far. The forest seemed a bit daunting and I realised I didn't want to give up my old life. So I didn't get past the woodpile. Even though it didn't work out I still get that feeling of wanting to be like Grizzly Adams."
here's a bitty wave
(sorry about the quality, waves..y'know...