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-the brothers creeggan
John's in the Fridge
come on get up
get off the floor
Andy get up
I can't open this door

It was a cool
place to hide
but the tallest fool
is now inside

Maybe it was, simply because
the handle's too high
Andy give it a try, look what we did
John's in the fridge

come on quick, get up the stairs
Andy come quick, he's losing air

This may come as a shock
and though we can't talk
your oldest son is a chilly one
you'll thank us later just
Open the Refrigerator

We all got down to the house core
it made a creaky sound
when we opened the door

There he was just listenin to the buzz
sat and he shivered happy to be delivered
hey big brother you're like no other
John was in the fridge

jim: lead vocal, double bas, guitar
andy: back-up vocal, rhodes piano,
bongos and little clay drums
ian: drums, congas
kevin hearn: guitar

bit'o'info (from
"John's In the Fridge comes from the lore of the creeggan. John (our older brother) really was in the Fridge. It was one of those old fridges that has a latch on the door. The three of us were playing a stupid game where one bro would go in the fridge for a while, and then get let out. When it came time for John's turn to be in , I was too short to reach the latch, and couldn't get him out. That's when Andy and I ran upstairs to get Mom. I suppose we kind of saved his life. But does that count if we were the ones who put it in jeprady."