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-the brothers creeggan
Kitchen Dancin'
jim: vocals, double bass, lap steel
andy: vocals, pianos, kitchen items,
steel pan, ungklung,
ian: drums, kitchen items
david traverse-smith: chef and ahh vocals
natacha hébert: ahh vocals

another one of their odd instrumentals, extremely fun.  they literally use everything Including the kitchen sink.  reminds me of the few times my 'bro' and i were jammin' in the kitchen whith pens while mum had the cupboards emptied onto the table (one pen burst all over my hand, red).  of course, we don't have a double bass or steel pan (.....) in our kitchen...
piano's nearby, though

got a bit'o'notes from their page on their songs, this is all they said for this:

"Kitchen Dancing is putting that meal together. "