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-the brothers creeggan
Lila, Lila, there's no time, there's no time
Soldiers will take you away
to a place I'll search til my dying day

this flower blows in the same wind
that fills the sails of the English ship you'll be in

Lila, Lila... I will see ya

Lila, Lila, there's no crime in cryin
these pages write cages, onto this land
with a gun in hand
But I hear Acadian laughter from long before
and for long after

Lila, Lila
I could get up and fight
They'll wipe us out of sight
But what good is it to try
be a hero and die?
There are other tears to fall
than from my own war cry

Lila, Lila
will your name still be Lila
and when I see you that day
will you remember Grand Pré

Lila... I will see ya
Lila, Lila... I will see

jim: lead vocal, double bass, guitar
andy: back-up vocals, dobro
ian: drums, mandolin
veda hill: accordian

bit'o'info (from
"Lila takes place at the moment the men were taken away form the women during the expulsion of the Acadians. In 1755, on the east coast of Canada in an area then Called Grand Pre, English soldiers deported a community of 10,000 french settlers called the Acadians. Families and friends were split up and scattered down the east coast of North America. The English did this because the Acadians refused to fight for the British, the Acadians didn't feel an alligence to France or Britain, they were a passive farming community. There's a famous poem about two lovers that were separated in the tragedy. Their names were Evangeline and Gabriel. They never saw each other alive again. In the song,a youngman is speaking to his lover. He's trying to say the right thing amongst the confusion. In the 3rd verse she is gone. Yet another graet forgotten moment in Canadian history."

-shows how little we learn in shool, american studies..phhhhtt. that's my ancestors there, i knew some of this, but not much, and from my own research. i ain't related to columbus or jefferson, are you??