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-the brothers creeggan & collen hixenbaugh
She Married a Cowboy
She married a cowboy
and he won't do nothin wrong

It's too late
Everyone has a fate
The rodeo set the date
Hopes have up and gone
at the fence we're lookin on

She married a cowboy

Oh what does one do
whe Cool Breeze blows on through
Around her a lasso
She just jumped in the ring
did you ever think what this would bring

Small town, big dreams
slow pitch baseball team
she chose the bus stop
and not the short-stop

Dust blew as she went
wanted a difference
time to get off the fence
I want to learn to ride a horse
and whistle a cowboy chorus

She married a cowboy
and he won't do nothin wrong... hmmm

jim: lead vocal, double bass, dobro,
harmonica, operetta
andy: back-up vocal, guitar, hammered
dulcimer, whistle
ian: drums

bit'o'info (from
"She Married a Cowboy is a short story of a gal who has run off with the rodeo. It's from the perspective of her small town admirer. West Hill, where we're from is like a small town except it's a small suburb. Some folks stay some folks leave. The small town admirer is envious of the cowboy, but I think he's also protective of his small town crush. Yet he's nevertold her how he feels."