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andrew burnett creeggan:
born: July 4, 1971, Scarborough, Ontario

As most reading this should know, he and his brother Jim (Feb. 12, '70)
have been playing together forever.  They call themselves The Brothers
Creeggan, which makes a whole lot of sense to me.  They now have 3 albums
together.  Andy also has his own solo album, Andiwork.  Jim is currently a
member of Barenaked Ladies, Andy was until '95.  He left to study music
theory and composition at McGill University in Montréal.  He recently got
married (July 3rd, 1999) to Natacha Hébert.  The Brothers welcome a new
member, Ian McLauchlan on drums.  They just finished their Bus Stop 2000
Tour, promoting their newest album, Trunks.  It's an amazing album, get it.
to learn more about andy and jim, explore my page.

andy instruments: piano, accordian, guitar, congas, steel pan,
    hammered dulcimer, bongos, dobro, cuica, cajon, kalimba,
    sandblock & other various and unusual percussion instruments