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Well hello there! :) Sorry for the belated update. I've been EXTREMELY busy with writing up this article for Nakedhead as well as all the work I've been putting into IP and Incandesent - our new Drama Club website.
I've already mentioned the article, but I'm not sure how many of you know what it's about. While visiting both Concordia and McGill Universities in Montréal, I had the priveledge to meet, interview, and enjoy a lovely brunch with THE Andy Creeggan [pleeeeaaaaase don't say "andy who?" - that's just pathetic.]
I've got pictures! They're practically identical, but oh well. I'd love to tell you all more about all this, but I'm still organizing thoughts (still!). So just order the next issue of Nakedhead and read for yourself:). OH, and you can see the pictures I took of Montréal at Insomniak Productions (under 'photography').

  Insomniak Productions is planning a shrine to the late, the great, Douglas Adams. To learn more, and follow it's progression, visit our site at
In the meantime, enjoy this lovely "new" desktop.

onward to insomniak productions!

Yeah, you heard me! TOUR DATES!! If you or anyone you know lives somewhere on the west coast, be sure to inform them!!
Echelon has had a terrible crash, and though we've recovered most, our posts at the creeggan board were lost. That includes Andy's... :(

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